At the end of the 2013 school year we made a film for West Hove Infants School about their Victorian day.

We set out to tell the story from the children’s perspective. We wanted our ‘Victorian children’ to be seen and heard!

Kids as young as five rarely get to be heard on TV or online video for many reasons, not least because they can be quite shy once you start filming.

The film will support the school’s application for National Lottery Heritage funding.

‘The film really captured the enthusiasm and excitement the children had for learning about the Victorians as well as informing the viewer about the history of the school. It was a big A+ in my book!’ Jo French, PTA

‘Philip this is gorgeous it brought a tear to my eye! Beautifully captured with such a light touch. Really natural and a great idea to have pupil narration. Wonderful!!! Can’t thank you enough.Clare Hoban, Parent & BBC lawyer

“Beautifully captured and such a wonderful film for the kids to remember the event by!’ Alice Guy,PTA

‘Very touching. Great film,Rachael Taylor, School Governor & Lecturer at Southampton University