Film-making is a creative process that works best with a structured and disciplined approach.

We know this from years of producing award-winning TV programmes.

To help you understand what we do at the start of every project, we’ve boiled it all down to these three key processes.


Discovering your message


Reduce everything into one simple message

You need a memorable message that sticks with your audience.

One, simple sentence or take-away idea for them to act upon.

We discover this by asking the right questions, then listening carefully.

It’s a discovery phase that never fails to produce new insights for our clients.

The message we all agree on becomes our master and everything else we do serves to illustrate and amplify it in the most impactful way.

Want to help us help you discover your message?



Locate the emotional heart of your story

The story must be located in the personal.

It sounds simple and obvious, but in practice this is something many clients neglect to think about.

But it is the human interest angle that will linger longest in the mind of your audience.

Watch this film about London Ambulance Service to see what we mean.



The medium is the message

With film, the means by which your message is communicated is central to your story.

The tone, the style, the language, the pace, the narrative structure, the visuals, the music.

They’ll shape and reflect the way in which your story is told.

We understand how audiences think so we’ll pick an approach that works for you and the people you’re talking to.

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