Can a corporate video help employee engagement?

Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Blogs, Philip Berman

We all know video is a compelling medium for a company to talk to the outside world, but what many don’t realise is that making one can also be a great way of getting employees to engage more deeply with their company’s brand.

We were reminded of this recently when making a film for FarSite Communications.

They asked us to make a company profile that would engage a broad audience without being too ‘techy’. This involved our team investigating the identity of the company with members of FarSite’s team.

We tried to get to the heart of what FarSite does, focussing on the solutions they provide rather than what they actually make. As it happens they make WAN adapters, Gateways, X.25 adapters and XOT software.

Clearly this worked with their team.

‘Being involved in all the stages of making the video forced us to view the company from a different perspective. Initially the challenge was trying to work out what we actually do that we believed customers would want to know about. Discussing this with Larchmont staff brought that into much clearer focus than if we had performed the exercise on our own,’ says Steve Scott, MD, FarSite.

FarSite’s products are complicated, and not particularly ‘sexy’, but we discovered that their application was fascinating and their range of household name clients impressive.

‘We realised that some of the uses our products are put to, are pretty interesting, and that even many of our own staff weren’t aware much of their uses,’ says Steve.

We also felt it important to include the human face of FarSite which meant filming at their offices with their employees.

In involving staff this way Steve feels that, ‘the whole company became engaged in the production process and we were all very keen to see the result.

This generated excitement and anticipation within the company to see how they were represented and promoted to the outside world.

We did a formal showing of the completed video to all the staff, and it was very well received. I think it made us all more proud to be working for FarSite, of the products we produce, and the support we provide to our customers.

So you can see that the staff journey is as important as the final product itself, in fact we feel that engagement in the process is integral as they helped to shape and mould their own brand in a collaborative way and also felt better about themselves,

We’d love to hear you thoughts and stories on how the process of making any film – internal or external – can help with employee engagement. And please, if you didn’t click on the first link, watch our FarSite video below.

And if you want to find out more about FarSite here’s their website address: