Dixons Annual Report

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in News, Blogs, Philip Berman

We’ve just made our first FTSE annual report film for the Dixons Group, Europe’s largest electronics retailer.

Larchmont Films have worked together with Dixons on a number of internal communication projects, which were always well received. This year Dixons chose us to make a film to accompany their annual trading figures, which we were thrilled to do.

We’re particularly proud of the film’s motion graphics work. We put a lot of thought into ensuring the company’s statistics and figures appeared to organically emerge from around the store over the duration of the film.

Dixons’ trading figures were announced June 20, 2013 to the London Stock Exchange and, in the words of their CEO, Sebastian James, ‘we are now moving from survivors to winners’ in this most competitive of markets.

Have a watch of the film: