How many people does it take to operate a camera?

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Blogs, Philip Berman

In this case six, although possibly the one woman is doing all the work. Back in the fifties it took an army of professionals to go on a shoot. Nowadays one person can be expected to operate camera, lights and sound. If unprepared it is a daunting task, but it’s what a lot of you are being asked to do.

Larchmont Films has decided to start running practical filming workshops this Winter to meet a growing demand for DIY filming in the business world.


Who is it aimed at? Anyone who wants to make a film to:

  • Market their business or themselves
  • Record events or presentations
  • Improve employee engagement or internal communications

This course will provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to get you started.

Who will lead the course? BBC freelance cameramen and directors, with a maximum tutor to participant ratio of 1:8.

We will provide all the equipment and plan a few other surprise techie treats for you on the day.

The workshops are designed with you mind, so we’d love to hear what you want included and we’ll make sure it’s covered during the course, or in a free follow-up.

Here is a list of what we plan to cover:

  • Camera operation
  • Three point lighting
  • Framing and composition
  • Shooting in sequences
  • Customer testimonials and other pieces to camera
  • Basic sound with radio mics and boom.

For current dates please check out our Eventbrite page

In London this sort of course would set you back at least £350, but ours will be more affordable.

For the good people of Brighton it will cost just:

£80 plus VAT for anyone not VAT registered.

£99 plus VAT for freelancers.

£125 plus VAT for everyone else.

NB This is a practical HD camcorder filming course only, but we are planning further advanced courses on DSLR filming, editing and story-telling. However, as film-making is a truly multi-disciplinary pursuit, we will touch on all those subject areas, and attendees of the DIY filming course will be entitled to a discount on further courses.