Larchmont’s First Animated Film Inspired by John Lennon

Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in Kate O'Driscoll, Blogs

Larchmont Films are delighted to have completed our very first animated film for international travel insurance company ONE. CEO Paul Byrne was looking for a 45 second film to showcase the company both on their website and at this year’s International Travel Insurance Journal awards ceremony.

After an initial meeting with ONE we began to get a sense of what they were looking for. Paul was keen for the film to stand out from the crowd and convey the company’s passion, empathy and expertise.  We became convinced that animation was the way to go.


  • One wanted to take a risk.  We knew it would be unlikely that the other entrants in to the ITIJ would plump for animation, so it would be a statement if ONE took this route. It would really stand out from the crowd.
  • It would be an ideal way to announce their arrival as the ‘new kids on the block’.
  • It gave us the freedom to tackle industry jargon in a visually funky way so the animation creatively complimented the script.


We were familiar with the Academy Award nominated film – I Met the Walrus – a 6 minute animated short directed by Canadian, Josh Raskin, based on a longer tape recording of John Lennon from 1969.

We loved its visually arresting style – a combination of pen and computer animation, paying homage to films likes Yellow Submarine, although simpler and in B&W rather than the psychedelic colours of the Sixties.

This was the perfect inspiration for our film. The retro style would help reflect the traditional values of ONE, but married with modern motion graphics it would also be a clear visual statement that this company has something different to offer.

We wanted the animation to feel like a journey through evolving landscapes reflecting ONE’s business offerings and approach. By having fun with animated typography we could bring new meaning to industry jargon like  ‘containment leakage’.

The inclusion of the real world, set against the animated characters would help pack a visual punch. All cut to an upbeat, jaunty soundtrack.

The feedback from ONE has been really positive. “ Awesome job,” says Paul Byrne. “I’m delighted with the outcome!”

The distinctive visuals and imaginative use of words  makes this a striking first animation for Larchmont. We’re sure it will have the impact Paul was striving for and help ONE really stand out form the crowd.