18 October

How many people does it take to operate a camera?

In this case six, although possibly the one woman is doing all the work. Back in the fifties it took an army of professionals to go on a shoot. Nowadays one person can be expected to operate camera, lights and sound. If unprepared it is a daunting task, but it’s what a lot of you […]

18 July

How to find a great video production company

Some of you may think it’s child’s play. And for the armchair directors amongst you that’s possibly true. But if you’re finding your feet in the film world here are a few key things to look for when outsourcing a high quality video production company. 1. What’s my goal? Before your search begins, try to […]

4 July

The power of great story-telling

Warning – this blog contains gushing words from a father with a two-year-old daughter… A neighbour just emailed me a link to the current VW advert on YouTube, with the email subject ‘tear-jerker’. Naturally, I downed tools and watched it. And guess what? I was welling up pretty much straight away. Some of you may […]

22 June

A Japanese Extravaganza

Tonight sees the start of Brighton Japan 2012. And what a festival it is! A variety of communities and venues throughout Brighton have collaborated to celebrate Japanese culture through film, music, performances, workshops, traditional food and much more. Since its birth in 2008, the festival has grown to become the largest annual Japanese cultural festival […]

18 January

Online Video Workshop

Larchmont Films Online Video Workshop Just before Christmas 2011 we ran a very successful online video workshop at the central Brighton coworking space The Skiff. The aim of the event was to provide a set of sound principles applicable to all kinds of video production. What follows is a precis of our top tips from the […]

7 November

Read More About I Met the Walrus

I Met the Walrus is a six minute animated film based on tape recordings of John Lennon taken by an obsessed fan in 1969. Jerry Levitan, then just 14 years old, knocked on every door of a Toronto hotel he guessed Lennon was staying in until he found Lennon, who was in Canada during his bed-in […]

7 November

Larchmont’s First Animated Film Inspired by John Lennon

Larchmont Films are delighted to have completed our very first animated film for international travel insurance company ONE. CEO Paul Byrne was looking for a 45 second film to showcase the company both on their website and at this year’s International Travel Insurance Journal awards ceremony. After an initial meeting with ONE we began to […]

4 April

The Canon 5D

Larchmont Films has just finished its first shoot for a client using a Canon 5D. The picture quality is truly amazing, and one of the great benefits is that you can create a really shallow depth of field, so the pictures have quite a ‘filmic’ look. In terms of workflow as I work with the […]

4 April

Filming for Hampshire County Council

Been busy filming with an early years learning expert. Truly inspiring talker who came across very well on camera. Great to be filming with someone so passionate about their work.

4 April

Larchmont Films welcome Kate O’Driscoll to the team!

Larchmont Films is pleased to welcome Kate O’Driscoll. Kate’s extensive filmography includes the BBC’s award winning series Who Do You Think You Are? and the critically acclaimed Family Century for C4. She was a director on the BAFTA nominated series Rooted and produced Bringing Home the Bacon which was nominated for the Rory Peck Award. […]